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High Pressure Faucet Glass Automatic Cup Washer Bar

High Pressure Faucet Glass Automatic Cup Washer Bar

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Introducing the High Pressure Faucet Glass Rinser, an innovative and automatic cup washer designed for ultimate convenience in bar, kitchen, beer, KTV, and milk tea settings. This cutting-edge tool is an essential accessory for any sink, offering efficient and thorough cleaning for cups of various sizes.
The High Pressure Faucet Glass Rinser operates with precision, utilizing powerful water jets to rinse away residue and contaminants from cups, ensuring a hygienic and spotless result every time. Its automatic functionality streamlines the cleaning process,

This versatile cleaner comes equipped with a pipe for easy installation, seamlessly integrating into your existing sink setup. Its high-pressure design guarantees a thorough cleanse, making it ideal for removing stubborn stains and ensuring the cleanliness of glassware in a commercial or home setting.

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